Music Ministry


Happy New Year Unity Family!  We have just wrapped up a very busy end of 2017; and are ushering in an exciting New Year of music for your spiritual upliftment. First, we welcome new member John Marotte to the Choir. Yay!!  Next, we extend our congratulations to percussionist Jerome Jennings. Jerome is now Resident Director of Big Band at Julliard. This new position along with touring off his CD The Beast, which he performed in concert for us 2 years ago, will keep him on the road and away for longer stretches.  “Every goodbye ain’t gone.” is an old expression. So, we will see him from time to time.  Let’s keep his continued successes in prayer. 

Looking forward to working again with the Youth Choir. We have so many gifted, talented children with tremendous voices.  Once we get over the shyness, they will be fierce.  Let’s hold their busy schedules in prayer that they may be able to rehearse and sing on 4th Sunday’s.

Vanessa Spencer

Music Director