Prosperity Place

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West has been the resource I have been using to discuss our development of a Prosperity consciousness.  The fourth commandment is Let Go and Let God. A very familiar Unity expression.

The concept discussed is that there is a time for rest and allowing God to work in our behalf.  That does not mean that we sit back and expect all is good. We need to understand that we do our part.  We work hard to do all that God desires us to do.  We acknowledge God’s presence in guiding us and accept from God the good that we desire.  There is a time when we need to rest.

Rest in the comfort in knowing the God’s action through natural law is at work.  We rest in the faith that we know that all is good. Affirm: I accept of You now O Lord, this desired good. I am alert and receptive to all that You would have me do in in Bringing this to pass.


“Return, O my soul, to your rest, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you” Psalm 116:7