January- February Newsletter 2023 – From the Board

Dear Unity Family and Friends

As we welcome in the New Year, we are thankful for the return to worship in  our lovely sanctuary for all congregants, friends and visitors.   By God’s Grace and Love, the challenges of the past two years have brought us all together once more as we continue the practice of distancing and wearing masks.  Those viewing on Zoom and Facebook are encouraged to return to the services LIVE!   What a wonderful time is had by all in attendance in person.  Rev. Bessie’s enlightening, inspiring and enthusiastic messages, as well as the contribution of all our wonderful musicians, stirs the spirit to heights best experienced in the sanctuary.  We thank our Media Team – Patricia Phillips, Emilie Greco, Fran McLean and Ellsworth Gibbs – that no one was left without the ability to worship with us each Sunday.  God continues to bless our church mightily.  And for this we say:  Thank you, God!

Blessings to All

Beverly Withers-Gibbs

President, Board of Trustees