January February Newsletter 2023

Pastor’s Power Point

With the Divine Powers of Faith and Love starting our New Year we can be fully prepared to engage in life events as they happen. Faith is belief in the Good God brings in the ways we cannot see. We feel assured through our faith that what we hope for will occur and we need not know how that will happen.  Therefore we take all of our wishes for the new year, expectations, and desires believing  from all of this He will give us what is best for us even when we can not see how.


And why?  Because he loves us so much. He told us to look at the lilies of the fields and how they are cared for, wouldn’t he do even more for us.  Thank God His Love is unconditional, and He asks that we do the same. Love Him with all our heart, mind and strength. And love our neighbor as ourselves.  Using our Christ Mind consciousness, we can do this. Especially in terms of our “neighbor.” The Christ in us can love the Christ in them.

We thank you Father for giving us the most essential Powers to go forth in this new year believing you will always be with us and loving ourselves, taking care of ourselves adequately in order to love others.

Affirmation for January

The light of Faith leads us through the darkness of doubt. We behold the world through the lens of Faith.

Affirmation for February

We are the love of God in expression. God is love in us.

Prayer for January

Lord we release our disbelieve and renew our faith in possibilities. We bless all circumstances for the

 Learning they offered and move forward in faith to our God.


Prayer for February

We are being guided to a greater love of ourselves so that we can be the divine essence of love for others.



Psalm 57:10, Proverb 31:26,

Luke 17:5, Luke 17.6

Psalm31;16, Matthew 17.5, John 13:34,

1 Corinthians 2:9, 2 Timothy 1:7

Rev. Bessie