July and August Newsletter 2022

Pastor’s Power Points July/August 2022

The Powers these next two months cover Understanding and Will.  It is clear that we comprehend how to live as followers of Christ when we have the Power of Understanding.  So often we may think we do not really understand because of messages from our society in terms of the, “right”, way to go. But when we ask Christ for guidance to clear our hearts and minds, we understand, we know, we truly know because we follow the Way, the Truth, the word of God.

Now the precious word here is, “follow”, which is connected to our Will the next Divine Power. When we understand what its ours to do, the next step is to be willing to do just that. Make ourselves available to follow through. And so, we ask God to give u, keep us, comfort us as we let not our will, but His Will be done.  We let go and let God be God in our lives.

Inevitably we find our lives brighter as we follow the SON! Our elder brother Jesus Christ.

Bible Verses for July- Understanding

Proverbs 3:5; Luke 24:45

Bible Verses August -Will

Psalm 40:8: John 4:34

July Affirmation

I am the rich and well cared for child of a loving and giving Father. So, I dare to prosper.

July Prayer

My prayers open the door to a new understanding that fills my mind with peace and serenity.

August Affirmation

I give the burden to God. I relax and let go.  I eagerly great this new day and all it holds for me.

August Prayer

Dear Lord, As I move through my days and nights, let Thy will be done and I remember to follow it gladly.

Love to You all

Rev. Bessie