November – December Newsletter 2022 – From the Board

Dear Unity Family

Praise to Almighty God, we are gathering together in worship each Sunday, live in our lovely church sanctuary, on Zoom and on Facebook.  The Lord has been our rock, our fortress and deliverer during this challenging time in history.  And all that we need has been provided through our Faith, through the kind and generous support of our congregants and through the Wisdom, Love and leadership of our beloved pastor, Rev. Dr. Bessie Duncan.  We welcome all to join us in worship each Sunday once more in the sanctuary.  Our protocol for entering has been altered as the pandemic wanes and will soon allow us all to return to worship as we have in the past.  We have returned to gathering in Harmony Hall after service and are now holding special events also.   Praise God!

 As you can tell from viewing from home, JOY prevails during each service.  Rev. Bessie welcomes us at the beginning of each service with her enthusiastic message of prevailing Joy.   And our spirits are lifted, our hearts are filled, and we receive the message incorporating the twelve powers which provide the system of growth to complete Christhood, based on the reality of the Divine spark within all people.  We are committed to continue to receive, to grow, to become the Light that shines in the darkness so all may see the Christ in us as we continue to behold the Christ in them.

We once more thank all our congregants, however you choose to join us in worship, for your continued support in Love offerings, in Tithes, and service.  Out of gratitude for what God has done, we say, “Thank you, Mother-Father God.”    The primary motivation for giving is to support God’s work in our lives and the lives of all His precious creation.   In a very real way, the offerings that are received are used as follows:   Our wonderful four-piece band of brilliant musicians (how blessed we are to be lifted in praise by their talents and dedication); our beloved pastor Rev. Bessie who teaches, inspires and uplifts through her Bible-based messages; the upkeep and necessary repairs to the edifice in which we worship.  In our continued giving, our interest in and commitment to God increases.  Just as when we invest in stocks, our interest in a particular company continues to grow.  And because we receive spiritual nourishment from God’s servants in the church our, interest grows.  We are then responsible for the material needs of those who serve and to the upkeep of our church.  We become faithful stewards of Unity of Maywood as we give for such items as repair of sanctuary windows, wiring for external cameras and to enhance viewing with new camera equipment, etc.  To give love offerings is an opportunity to say “thank you” to God, the Universe for the abundance manifesting in our lives today and in the days to come.  We set in motion the invisible, immutable force of giving and then receiving.  And our personal abundance continues to grow as we bless our church.  Once again, thank you Unity family for your continuing support.

We acknowledge those beloved members of our Church who have left this physical plane and have risen in Glory; their spirits are now experiencing the joy which surpasses human knowledge in the Presence of Divine Love.   We continue to hold them forever in our hearts and minds, thanking God for their brief presence among us in the physical and praying for the healing of hearts wounded by their departure.

We respectfully request all who are able to serve, in whatever capacity you feel led to do so, please contact us in church or view phone or email.    “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”  Matthew 9: 35:37, 38.   Is the Lord calling you?

“And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.”   Acts 4:32

Blessings to All

Beverly Withers-Gibbs

President, Board of Trustees