Pastors’ Power Points

But the Angel said to the women “Do not be afraid: …He is not here for He has been raised, as He said.

Let us agree with the following statement in Daily Inspiration for Better Living, “Isn’t it great to know that you are more than ‘just a human being’?  “Isn’t it fulfilling to realize that because you are made in the image and after the likeness of God, that you are entitled, that you are heir to all that God is?”  In this time of so much change we may feel pressed down, unable to rise.  But, indeed, we can.  We are to overcome because we are heirs of God and in the wonderful gifts and powers He has given us, we manifest His Strength and Wisdom. 

We have already focused on Faith and Love.  Add these next two as we traverse the months of March and April, and you will find the ability  and know how to proceed. 

With the Power of Strength, you will maintain your ability to stay positive in spite of circumstances.  Hold the High Watch and see Peace and Love no matter other announcements.  You remember to see God in everything and know He is your Rock, your Foundation.  You let nothing shake that.  This is what helps you be there for others.

Add to this the Wisdom to know which way to go and you will naturally turn to prayer, meditation and inner reflection.  Then you are set for the next 2 months as Lent begins. 

Did you remember that Lent means Spring?  Let us go forth embracing the wonderful flowers, Strength from God.  See the Colors surrounding us with the Wisdom of God in every color giving us an inner assurance that we are not alone.  Know all good is possible as we walk hand in hand with God on Resurrection Day with the world moving in unity with us. 

Happy Resurrection Day,

Rev Bessie



I am strong, steady and stable.


I am wise and use good judgement.