Pastor‘s Power Points

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love which binds everything together in perfect harmony”.  Colossians 3:14 

Hello again.

We are moving forward this month of February representing the Power of Love, Divine love. This love is God’s Love. It is unconditional. You don’t have to do anything for it. God gives us the understanding that “God is Love”, 1 John 4: 4.  just consider that God loves you. He loves us just as we are. And so we are asked to love others.  Are we ready to love them just as they are?  A way to do this is to let the Christ in us reach the Christ in others. Let the love in us reach the Christ in others.  Love through the heart and we find we can love one another. 

Now there may be a part that gets in the way of sending love to everyone because what is needed is forgiveness.    

Let go and let God keep our hearts and minds on what God would do.  Remember how much Jesus loves us all?  

And now let us remember those who have been important to us and send love. For all those who have made their transition put your hand over your heart and warmly remember how they assisted you in claiming you true identity and path of life.  Send them love.  All friends and associates send them love and  have some love left over for the stranger. 

As you send love you give and as you give you prosper. There is no lack.  Love is surrounding you. God is surrounding you.  Allow His Love to be continually expressed.  Express it every day.  

When we follow this, the Love of God Enfolds us. 

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never end.  Lamentations 3:22 

Rev. Bessie