September-October Newsletter 2022

Isn’t it extraordinary when you start to trust God? Or maybe trust God, again, because life happens. There is some kind of spiritual maturity, some kind of willingness to get back in the game. It’s like, “Okay, God, I’ll give you one more chance. I’m going to be yours.”

And then, in that decision, everything’s changed.

In that decision, my prayers got so simple, real quick, I felt almost childlike. Not childish, but childlike. Like, “Dear God, let me be like I’m just a great big basket of ribbons and lace, and sparkly beads, and shiny glitter, and Elmer’s Glue, and pastel paints, and Crayola crayons, and clay. Mold me, God! Make something wonderful out of me!”

Isn’t that what you want? “Use me, God! Use all of me! Don’t just use the pretty parts. Don’t just use the shiny, got it all together parts. Use all of me, God! Use the places where I feel worn out and broken down. The places where I feel incomplete and not ready. Terrified to take a single step.”

God forbid, I should misstep, God forbid I should fall on my face. The places where I care so much about what everyone thinks.

“Use the places in me, Lord where I feel I have been hurt and harmed and damaged beyond repair. Use the places where you grow a garden in my scars, Lord.”

When we trust God, that’s what we get to do. We grow our garden in our scars.

Rev. Julie Moret, PhD

Agape International Spiritual Center

Pastor’s Power Point

This is a real treat for the Months of September and October reading with the Powers of Divine Order and Enthusiasm presented by Rev. Julie Moret, Ph.D. from Agape International Spiritual Center published in the Mastermind Journal, 2022, pg. 139.

Prayer for September -Divine Order

We thank you God for all our good which we receive in Divine Order and as You will it for us.  We know as we hold you in our hearts we can trust your promises are kept.

Prayer for October – Enthusiasm

Lord we are ready, willing, and able to do what is ours to do with joy.  We see the highest good for ourselves and others.

Bible Verses – September Divine Order

Genesis 1:1, Psalm 51:10, Psalm 57:10, 1Peter 1:21

Affirmation for September

My trust in Divine Order helps me relax and feel safe.

Bible Verses – October Enthusiasm

Psalm 32:11, John 1:9, Matthew 12:18, Romans 12:16

Affirmation for October

My life overflows with goodness