Latest Past Events

Sunday Worship Service

Worship with us on Sunday mornings with Rev. Dr. Bessie Duncan. Only Zoom & Facebook until further notice!

A Course In Miracles

Each class begins with meditation to become fine-tuned with the Holy Spirit, the Presence of God. Readings are from the text and students share stories and ask questions. The class is held via conference call. If you are interested in attending class, please call the office at 201-836-6333.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Main Sanctuary Unity Church, 471 Maywood Ave

FUN WITH THE BIBLE! We study it for the wonderful information, instructions for living well and thesense of how people were seen to live then. But first and foremost there is God’s WORD to enlighten us. The colorful essence of the period covered in the Bible helps us see the historical inferences. There are amazing stories throughout about courageous women, men and children. There is an energy and more DIVINE MESSAGES, PARABLES and EXPERIENCES of JESUS in “CE”, the CHRISTIAN ERA of the Bible which we use to call The New Testament. If you still call it that, come to…